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A Critical New Survey: The Impact on Sexuality When You or Your Partner Have Seen Combat

ImageThe impact of combat on intimacy and sex in relationships is still a scientifc mystery. Paul Joannides, a research psychoanalyst and author, has created  two surveys that are an attempt to understand more about this topic and to make that understanding available to others. If you or your partner have seen combat, we ask that you take this survey. Your answers are totally anonymous and the results will be used to help you and others who are in a similar position.

For spouses of combat veterans click here.

For combat veterans themselves, click here.

Study Sheds New Light on Intimate Lives of Older Americans


Older Adults Are Active Despite Increased Sexual Problems with Age

A majority of older Americans are sexually active and view intimacy as an important part of life, despite a high rate of “bothersome” sexual problems, according to a new report in the Aug. 23, 2007, issue of The New England Journal of Medicine. The findings come from the National Social Life, Health and Aging Project, research supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The findings shed new light on the intimate social relationships and health of people ages 57 to 85, informing health care providers and patients about sexual norms in the older U.S. population.

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A Cure for the Common .... Orgasm? This New Book May Help!

ImageMarrena Lindberg is an environmental researcher who came upon the magical combination she writes about in her book, The Orgasmic Diet, through her own trial and error. She has spent the past four years perfecting the Orgasmic Diet, sharing it with women all over the world, and working with doctors in the field of female sexuality in order to understand sexual dysfunction and to develop clinical trials on the Orgasmic Diet program. Marrena identifies and tells readers how to “avoid orgasm killers hidden in your diet and learn how to achieve mind-blowing orgasms each and every time.” We at our Vibrance web sites know Marrena as “Zaneblue,” one of the most popular posters on our sites Bulletin Boards. View the Video To read more, click here.

Want to Know How to Get It On? We've Got Answers!

ImagePaul Joannides, author of the award-winning book on sex, Guide To Getting It On! is joining the Vibrance team of consultants.  This writer and educator will be on the Women and Men's Bulletin Boards, responding to questions, adding comments, and sharing advice. He's also going to be taking some of what he knows and turning it into provacative, interesting articles you will enjoy!  We asked him for a brief bio to introduce him to our site visitors and this is what he told us:

Paul Joannides is a research psychoanalyst, which means he went to school for way too long. He is on the editorial board of the American Journal of Sex Education. Paul is also the cow superintendent at his county fair. He lives on a remote bay in the beautiful Northwest with his wife, daughter, dogs and small herd of livestock (which includes llamas).

But there is much more; just Google him and see. Then click here to talk to him on the Bulletin Boards.