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This series of medical information videos on sexual health, entitled "Better Sex," are produced by Illumisatream Health and are part of the Voxant Network . Please note: these videos contain adult medical information

Exploring Reasons for Sexual Compulsions: Nothing to Take Lightly

There has been a lot in the media these days about "sexual addiction,?* but I think what we're reading and hearing is more about generating heat than light. Sexual compulsions are nothing to neither laugh at nor make light of. Here's a startling, different perspective:

Perhaps, if you understand the genesis of the addiction to unhealthy sexual behavior, you might find yourself feeling sympathetic toward sexual addicts! Certainly, sexual compulsions are not positive behaviors and they cause terrific personal, interpersonal, and societal problems. But that's not what I want to write about now. As a professional therapist, who treats men and women suffering from sexual compulsions, I hope I can draw a realistic picture of the "typical sexual addict." Most sex addicts? are not horrible people, certainly not cold-blooded murderers or sexual offenders who deserve to be punished. Actually, many people with sexual compulsions are reacting, in a self-destructive manner, to having been severely wounded by the people closest to them-- their parents, uncles, aunts, or siblings.

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