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ImagePaul Joannides, author of the award-winning book on sex, Guide To Getting It On! is joining the Vibrance team of consultants.  This writer and educator will be on the Women and Men's Bulletin Boards, responding to questions, adding comments, and sharing advice. He's also going to be taking some of what he knows and turning it into provacative, interesting articles you will enjoy!  We asked him for a brief bio to introduce him to our site visitors and this is what he told us:

Paul Joannides is a research psychoanalyst, which means he went to school for way too long. He is on the editorial board of the American Journal of Sex Education. Paul is also the cow superintendent at his county fair. He lives on a remote bay in the beautiful Northwest with his wife, daughter, dogs and small herd of livestock (which includes llamas).

But there is much more; just Google him and see. Then click here to talk to him on the Bulletin Boards.