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Alone at Last (An Excerpt From "Prime")

So there I was in the early hours of the morning with a guy I didn’t know six hours before, feeling totally comfortable and sexually aroused. This is perhaps not the safest thing to do in the world but Dennis had passed my stringent criteria. He was not a loner. He was with other friends I had met, who in conversation seemed to back up the stories I had heard.

  1. We were at the same hotel and so he was not anonymous.
  2. I had his business card.
  3. Dee Dee knew where I was.
  4. The room had thin walls and even though it was late, people were still within earshot.
  5. And finally, this guy just seemed genuine, sweet, and grounded.

What can I tell you? I weighed the risks—and this was one of them. Women who want an adventurous life have to take some risks, and usually intuitive skills serve them well. This one seemed likely to be okay.

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