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Arousal disorder

Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome

PSAS: A Newly Discovered Pattern of Excessive Female Arousal That Can Continue Unremittingly for Hours, Days, or Weeks. Most physicians are familiar with the common sexual complaints of women (ie, hypoactive sexual desire, sexual arousal difficulties, an orgasmia, dyspareunia).These problems are quite prevalent, and are re p o rted either spontaneously or after careful sexual inquiry by the physician. Far less common and more puzzling is the complaint by a small number of women of persistent sexual arousal. Although infrequent, this problem is distressing and perplexing not only because of its mysterious onset, but also because of the feelings of shame and discomfort that tend to accompany the phenomenon.

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Prescription Drug Treatment for Female Sexual Dysfunction

Professional and public interest in female sexual dysfunction has recently been sparked by developments in several areas including the investigation of new drug treatments. Approximately 43 percent of American women suffer from sexual dysfunction--perhaps an actual number as high as 50 million American women. The highest proportion occurs in young women between the ages of 18 and 29. (Study by Edward O. Laumann, PhD; Anthony Paik, MA; Raymond C. Rosen, PhD published in JAMA 2/9/99.) The lack of desire appears to be the number one, most significant complaint, followed by arousal and lubrication dysfunctions.

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