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Bewildered parents and adolescents get help for their first talk about sex. Topics covered include physical changes like body hair, acne, periods, hormonal changes, and growth spurts. Also covered are ways to re-assure kids from an emotional standpoint.

<obscured> program contains content which is sexual in nature. It is not intended that any viewer rely on the content of the program for medical advice. If you believe you require medical or psychological advice or treatment, please consult your doctor.

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01:00:10 Dr. Laura Berman OC
Berman & Berman

Breasts, periods, mood swings, raging hormones.

01:00:14 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
Boys, nosy parents, boys, secrecy and boys.

01:00:20 Dr. Laura Berman OC
You went through it, but now it's your daughter's turn. Are you sure you're ready?

01:00:23 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
The new rules for puberty and adolescence.

01:00:27 Dr. Laura Berman OC
We're Berman and Berman.

01:00:29 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
And this is For Women Only.

Berman Berman Berman & Berman For Women Only

01:0:48 Dr. Laura Berman OC/VO
Hello and welcome. We have an audience full of mommies and their daughters to discuss with us what happens during puberty and adolescence.

01:00:57 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
I remember that time for both of us, actually.

01:01:00 Dr. Laura Berman VO

01:01:01 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
And did I have raging hormones?

01:01:03 Dr. Laura Berman OC
You? you were pretty raging. I think I was, when I went through puberty, you had? you?

01:01:09 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
I was already off at college.

01:01:09 Dr. Laura Berman OC/VO
? you were already off at college around the time that I was starting, so you missed?

01:01:13 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC/VO
But you experienced all my?

01:01:14 Dr. Laura Berman VO
I experienced all your mood swings.

01:01:14 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
? mood swings, breast development.

01:01:17 Dr. Laura Berman OC/VO
Your breast development was a big event in our family. I remember this. I'm Laura Berman.

01:01:22 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
And I'm Jennifer Berman?

Drs. Jennifer & Laura Berman

? we run the Female Sexual Medicine Center at UCLA here in Los Angeles. I'm a urologist and Laura's a sex therapist.

01:01:30 Dr. Laura Berman OC
Do you remember what it was like to go through puberty with all the changes your body goes through?

01:01:34 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
Especially getting breasts, which then I decreased and then increased and then lifted, so a lot about breasts.

01:01:43 Dr. Laura Berman OC
And she's still obsessed with them.

01:01:44 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
I am. We asked some of you to think back on that time and here's what we heard.

01:01:49 Female Voice VO
Berman & Berman

When did you first notice?

<obscured> you were developing breasts?

? you were developing breasts?

01:01:53 Female with Blond Hair OC
When I was? all my friends were developing boobs before me and then I way out-passed them later on.

01:01:59 Female with Red Hair OC
When I was walking to school and it was a windy day and I noticed that I had to do like this with my shirt, because I didn't want anything to show.

01:02:09 Female with White Turtleneck OC
There was a song out when I was coming up by The Commodores called Brickhouse. So I had several of my friends who were very well endowed and I was not. So they would just, you know "Brickhouse," sing the song and everything. And I was with boys, I'd say, "Okay, so what am I? What am I?" And one guy looks at me and he says, "Well, you're a brick wall."

01:02:27 Female with Blue Shirt OC
I was just wondering what was taking so long.

01:02:30 Female with Red Shirt OC
Well, you did good.

01:02:37 Dr. Laura Berman OC

01:02:40 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
That was cute. I remember that obsession with breasts, who had big ones, who had little ones.

01:02:43 Dr. Laura Berman OC
And bee bites, everybody starts off with the little bee bites. And we? and we actually, with all the physical and emotional changes that your body is going through, puberty can be an awkward and painful time of life.

01:02:55 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC/VO
But sometimes, just knowing what to expect can make it a little easier. Our first guest can help. She's an OB-GYN who has a private practice here in Los Angeles, Dr. Lisa Masterson. Hi.

01:03:05 Dr. Lisa Masterson OC

01:03:07 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
So do you remember what it was like going through puberty yourself?

01:03:09 Dr. Lisa Masterson OC/VO
Oh, yes. It can be a really up and down time. Puberty is that changing time where a girl's body is?

Dr. Lisa Masterson Obstetrics &

? changing into a woman's body. And the hormones trigger the organs, the sex organs to develop so that her body? so she can have a period so that her body will one day be able to have a baby.

01:03:26 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
So it's when the breasts start to develop. She starts to develop pubic hairs. She starts to ovulate.

01:03:31 Dr. Lisa Masterson OC

01:03:31 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
And the hormones. And what age does puberty happen?

01:03:35 Dr. Lisa Masterson VO/OC
An average age of around nine to 16. So there's a whole span, you know, of time where that can happen, and everybody goes at their own rate and there's not a right time and there's not a wrong time for somebody.

01:03:45 Dr. Laura Berman VO/OC
How can you help them work with their bodies?

01:03:48 Dr. Lisa Masterson OC/VO
By letting them know what's gonna happen. I mean, because it just seems you don't want them to be hit from left field by breasts coming out and periods coming on, there's hair coming down there and under your arms. You're starting to smell, get acne. You want to let them know that that's gonna happen to them. So the more that parents can talk to their girls about you know what's going to be happening they can share their experience?

01:04:06 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
What to expect.

01:04:07 Dr. Lisa Masterson OC
? exactly.

01:04:07 Dr. Laura Berman VO/OC
And ideally talk about it way before it starts happening.

01:04:09 Dr. Lisa Masterson VO/OC
Right. If it starts at nine that means you need to start backing it up. Yeah.

01:04:14 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
Does anybody here remember any awkward stories from puberty? What's your name?

01:04:20 Cathryn OC

01:04:20 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
Cathryn, what do you remember?

01:04:21 Cathryn OC
I was the first one of all of my friends to start developing breasts. And it was so uncomfortable and it was really embarrassing, but the worst part was that my mom didn't want to deal with it and she made me wear an undershirt?

01:04:34 Dr. Laura Berman VO
Oh, no.

01:04:35 Cathryn OC
? and she wouldn't take me out shopping for a bra. That was?

01:04:36 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
Because she made you feel embarrassed about it.

01:04:39 Cathryn VO
She did. She made me feel almost ashamed about it.

01:04:41 Dr. Laura Berman VO/OC
Our mother took me out to get a ? I so desperately wanted a training bra. I mean you were already wearing a bra. I wanted? a lot of my friends were wearing bras, I wanted a bra so badly. I so didn't need one. But she took me out, she took me out to get a training bra just so I'd wear it around like an underwear, you know an undershirt.

01:04:58 Dr. Lisa Masterson VO/OC
Yeah. And that's a nice thing, to go and get a nice bra and say, "This is a happy thing." A lot of parents when their girls get their first period, they'll buy them like a pretty ring or something like that, or you know something to really make them feel good about the experiences because you are going through a positive thing. You are becoming a woman and entering into something that's really exciting.

01:05:15 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
And you have a unique way of teaching girls about their bodies that could probably help moms. Can you tell us about that?

01:05:21 Dr. Lisa Masterson VO/OC
Oh, right, and it really helps moms a lot, because you know that word vagina, sometimes not pretty and that type of thing to talk about. So I tell every woman that she has a diamond. She doesn't have to wait for somebody to give it to her. She has a diamond between her legs. I call it the diva diamond. And basically, a lot of girls?

01:05:37 Dr. Laura Berman VO
So we're all divas.

01:05:38 Dr. Lisa Masterson OC/VO
That's right. And that's what you want to remember during this hard time, is that you know it's not a V, the V is only the part you see from here down, but it's actually a diamond. Okay, if you look at it like that. A diamond. And a lot of girls don't realize that the vagina's in the middle, okay, and then up above that is the urethra where you urinate, and then the clitoris up above that. And then down below it is the anus or the rectum. A lot of girls will ask, "Well, what happens when I put a tampon in? Will I be able to urinate? Will I be able to pee-pee?" Well, yeah, because the urethra is above that. It's its own separate opening, so just showing them physically where the blood comes from, everything around it to say, "This is what's down there and you're gonna have a lot of change in this area," because a lot of girls will ask about discharge, you know and the secretions.

01:05:23 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Es? the estrogen levels start to increase, there will be some discharge or drainage, white looking mucous that comes from the vagina.

01:06:30 Dr. Laura Berman VO/OC
And do you talk to girls about the clitoris in more than just this is the clitoris or do you?

01:06:35 Dr. Lisa Masterson VO/OC
Well, in saying that you know this is a very sensitive area. You can get a lot of pleasurable stimulation from this area. As you get more through puberty, a lot of times it starts to get larger and more sensitive. You know a lot of people will ask about this area as far as you know sexuality and masturbation and things like that. So it's an important thing to bring up.

01:06:56 Dr. Laura Berman VO

01:06:57 Dr. Lisa Masterson VO
It definitely is.

01:06:58 Dr. Laura Berman VO
Okay. Now?

01:06:59 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC
Behind the diamond. What's behind the diamond?

01:07:01 Dr. Lisa Masterson VO
Behind that diamond you have the vaginal area, the whole?

01:07:04 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Your vagina, which is really a hollow tube, is your vagina.

01:07:08 Dr. Lisa Masterson VO/OC
Tube, right, and it leads to the cervix. All right. And that's the opening into the uterus, the womb, where the baby would be id you were having a baby or where the menstrual fluid or the period blood and the lining of the uterus comes out. This is attached with tubes called fallopian tubes to the ovaries. And the ovaries have the cyst or the follicles where the egg comes out and is released every month. And if it's not fertilized by a sperm, then it just comes out and it's shed every month with the period, and that's what a period is.

01:07:39 Dr. Laura Berman VO/OC
What do you think the right age for a mother to take a girl? her daughter to the gynecologist, or her father to take her to the gynecologist would be?

01:07:46 Dr. Lisa Masterson VO/OC
Between the age of 13 and 15.

01:07:48 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Even if they're not sexually active?

01:07:50 Dr. Lisa Masterson VO/OC
That's correct. And a lot of people will say, "Well, I don't want them to have an exam." If they don't need an exam that's not what we're there for. We're also there to help them with questions that they may not feel comfortable asking their parents. They may want to keep a parent-daughter relationship and may be embarrassed about that and you want them to get the correct information.

01:08:08 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
Well, would you do a speculum exam on somebody that was not sexually active?

01:08:11 Dr. Laura Berman OC
That's an internal exam.

01:08:13 Dr. Lisa Masterson OC/VO
Not if they weren't having any problems, saying they were having bleeding problems or severe cramps or anything like that. A lot of girls wonder if they're normal, you know and are afraid to ask somebody. And then that way we can also?

01:08:23 Dr. Laura Berman VO/OC
So you're a source of information. How many of the moms here would? what do you guys think about taking your daughters to the gynecologist? What's?

01:08:31 Female with Brown Necklace VO/OC
I? I'm 52 years old and already I'm a great-grandmother. I was pregnant myself and had a baby at 16. My daughter was 17. Then my grand-baby, 16.

01:08:42 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO
And this?

01:08:42 Female with Brown Necklace OC
And this is my grand-baby, also, so that's why I'm here. Because you know I feel comfortable taking them. My mother felt comfortable taking me, but each time they took us, we were already pregnant, so.

01:08:53 Dr. Laura Berman OC
So the time to go is before.

01:08:55 Female with Brown Necklace VO

01:08:55 Dr. Lisa Masterson OC/VO
Right. And that's why the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology is saying 13 to 15, so that we can be a source of information.

01:09:02 Dr. Laura Berman VO
What should your daughter expect on that? What should you tell her about what to expect?

01:09:07 Dr. Lisa Masterson OC
That confidentiality is key. That she's able to be able to tell that physician everything and know that we're not gonna go back and tell the parents. Also, that we are gonna give them the correct information about their body, about sexuality as well as sex. We actually, my practice, we have a confidentiality agreement?

01:09:25 Dr. Laura Berman VO

01:09:25 Dr. Lisa Masterson OC
? so when my teens come in, the parent actually signs that and they realize, unless there's immediate harm to their daughter or to somebody else, that information stays in the office.

01:09:36 Dr. Laura Berman VO/OC
I remember something like that, because I remember going to the gynecologist?

01:09:38 Dr. Jennifer Berman OC

01:09:39 Dr. Laura Berman OC/VO
? with mom and she would sit in there while the doctor took my history and I was just be wishing she wasn't being there, because he would be asking me questions that I didn't want to? you know once we were in the exam room I'd tell him the real answers.

01:09:47 Dr. Lisa Masterson OC

01:09:48 Dr. Laura Berman VO/OC
But in front of her? anyway, but you're staying with us, Dr. Masterson, so don't go away. Our topic, puberty and adolescence.

01:09:56 Dr. Jennifer Berman VO/OC
When we come back, Dr. Masterson delves even further into the changing body of an adolescent.

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